Comprehensive NUTRITIOn Consultation: $50/half hour

Together we will balance and optimize your pet’s unique health needs while giving you the tools to move forward successfully! Health can only be garnered when the entire pet's physiology is addressed.   In your first wellness appointment we will examine your pet as a whole and analyze factors such as:

  • Medical history, symptoms and past treatment plans
  • Diet ( all life cycles)
  • Environmental factors
  • Supplement use
  • Stress factors
  • Behavior/emotional changes

During your appointment your concerns will be addressed.  The relationship you have with your pet is important to the treatment process. It is with your intuition and intimate knowledge of your pet’s past that will ultimately bring about a healthier future for your pet.  Once we have identified your pet's current health concerns, together we will identify a personalized healing plan for your pet.

Creating a Healing Plan

 Your pet's health plan will include:

  • Food recommendations, high quality kibble, freeze-dried, dehydrated or raw
  • Whole food supplementalt recommendations
  • Behavior modifications from a nutrition perspective  
  • Other recommended services such as training, chiropractic care, acupuncture, or traditional treatments.

Nutrition consultations can be done in person (Chico, ca) or over the phone/Skype.  To request this service please click here and fill out the Health Assessment Form.  The more information you provide the more time we can spend creating a health plan.  Appointments are typically 30-60mins. Please give me 48 hours to contact you once you fill out the form and make an appointment request.

REsearch and note taking- $25/Half hour