Choosing the right Diet-This service will be offered soon!

Your pet's nutritional needs will change throughout their life, especially during a healing crisis.   Many pet owners are faced with pet illness such as diabetes, cancer, inflammatory bowl disease, kidney or liver disease, food intolerance, allergies or other skin issues. It can feel overwhelming figuring out the best food to feed your furry family member especially with so many choices.  I'm here to help you find the right nutrition, which will boosting your pets overall health. Not only can I recommend high quality kibble and canned food but I can also help you navigate other options available to you such as raw, dehydrated, freeze dried and home cooking alternatives.

What help will I receive with this service? 

  • A basic nutrition guide that will help explain what your pet needs to thrive.
  • Diet recommendations based on your pet's current symptoms.
  • Help understanding your Pet's Glacier Peak Sensitivity Assessment or other allergy assessments.

Please allow me 3-5 business days to analyze your pet's health assessment (a form you fill out when you purchase this service) along with any test results you have sent to me.  I will email you both the basic nutrition guide to choosing the right diet for your pet and my recommendations.  

Why will it take 3-5 business days to get my recommendations? In order for me to make a comprehensive recommendation I must understand your pet's physiology and then research the diets available in order to make sure your pet has the tools they need to heal. Finding the right diet for your pet can go a long way in healing a health crisis.  I will be making recommendations based on both physiological principals of how the body heals as well as how the majority of my clients respond to basic recommendations.

Every dog and cat is different!  I do have clients that need additional support both through supplement and herbal suggestions.  When the body has been dealing with a health crisis for some time, many of the necessary nutrients have been depleted.  This means we will need to add additional elements into the diet in order to tip your pet from a state of deficiency to a state of health. If you find that your pet needs additional support once you have been feeding the diet for a few weeks, you can set up a nutrition consultation in order to receive more personalized attention and recommendations.

Please email me your Glacier Peak Sensitivity Test or any other allergy tests you've purchased at  If you have further questions about this service you can call me at: 530-377-6008.