Herbal Healing: Natural support for holistic healing

Food is medicine, so it makes sense that herbs are nature’s way of helping the body heal organically.  Often times just changing ones diet and lifestyle isn't enough to fully heal the body.  This is because the body needs additional support, or what I like to call nutrient-pharmacology, to complete the healing process.  For example, the body may need an influx of additional vitamins and minerals, more than what the traditional diet provides, in order to meet the nutritional demands of a healing process.  This is where herbs come in.  Not only are herbs food based medicine,  but they also have the ability to target certain areas in the body to maximize healing.

To begin: fill out the form below and tell me what your pet's health needs are.  I will create a specific herbal blend that you can pick up (Chico, Ca) or I can provide a recipe in order for you to collect local ingredients. Once brewed, refrigerate and then include in your pet’s regular meals.

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